“Get Out of Your Head Study Guide: A Study in Philippians” by Jennie Allen is a resource designed to accompany the book “Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts” by the same author.

The study guide is focused on the biblical book of Philippians. It provides insights, reflections, and practical exercises to help individuals apply the teachings of the Philippians to their lives and break free from negative thought patterns.


Here’s an overview of what One can expect from this study guide:

1. Study of Philippians: The primary focus of the study guide is the book of Philippians from the Bible. Jennie Allen helps readers explore the content of Philippians, its context, and its relevance to modern life.

2. Toxic Thoughts: The study guide addresses the issue of toxic thoughts, which are harmful patterns of thinking that can lead to anxiety, fear, and other emotional struggles. It offers guidance on how to recognize and combat these thoughts.

3. Practical Exercises: The study guide includes practical exercises and discussion questions to help readers apply the lessons from Philippians and the “Get Out of Your Head” book to their lives. These exercises are designed to promote personal growth and transformation.

4. Group Discussion: The study guide suits individual and group discussions. It provides questions and prompts for group participants to engage in meaningful conversations and share their insights and experiences.

5. Biblical Insights: The guide incorporates biblical teachings and verses from Philippians to provide a spiritual perspective on changing thought patterns and finding peace in God.


6. Reflection and Journaling: Throughout the study guide, there are opportunities for self-reflection and journaling. Readers are encouraged to record their thoughts, feelings, and progress as they work through the material.

7. Spiritual Growth: Jennie Allen’s approach in this study guide is to foster personal and spiritual growth. It encourages individuals to deepen their relationship with God, overcome negative thought patterns, and experience a more fulfilling life.

8. Applicability to Daily Life: The study guide aims to bridge the gap between ancient scripture and contemporary challenges. It helps readers connect the teachings of Philippians to their daily lives and find practical ways to apply them.

“Get Out of Your Head Study Guide” is intended for those seeking to explore the message of the book of Philippians, overcome toxic thought patterns, and find spiritual and emotional renewal. It can be used by individuals looking for personal growth or groups engaging in a shared study and discussion experience.


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