As winter approaches, ski enthusiasts are rejoicing at the unexpected bounty of snowfall in several prominent ski regions, prompting ski resorts in France, Switzerland, and Austria to open their doors earlier than planned.

In stark contrast to the previous year, where many resorts were grappling with a lack of snow, this season kicks off with a picturesque blanket of white, setting the stage for an exciting winter sports season.


Meteorologist Roel Van den Bekerom dismisses the notion that Storm Ciarán is solely responsible for the early snowfall, suggesting instead that a stroke of luck brought areas of low pressure with frigid air over the Alps in recent weeks. The result?

A thick, 40 cm layer of snow in Val Thorens, Europe’s highest ski resort nestled at 2,300 meters, prompting the resort to welcome eager skiers a week ahead of schedule.

Michel Van de Vijver, Flemish technical director of Val Thorens’ local ski school, emphasizes the urgency of preparation as equipment and instructors had to be ready a week earlier than planned.

He notes that local businesses in the village are working tirelessly to open their doors ahead of schedule, contributing to the enthusiastic atmosphere surrounding the early snowfall.

In a bid to capitalize on the unexpected winter wonderland, ski resorts are offering enticing discounts on lift passes, making this season’s early skiing a budget-friendly endeavour.

Skiers can enjoy passes for as little as €20 a day, a fraction of the usual cost, creating a compelling incentive for winter sports enthusiasts to hit the slopes sooner rather than later. Tignes, another renowned resort at 2,100 meters, is following suit, offering day passes for a mere €10.


Sölden, Austria, known for its glacier skiing, is also experiencing an early start to the season, with resorts opening ten days earlier than planned.

However, with a limited number of lifts currently operational, skiers are advised to opt for areas near glaciers, where accommodations are more likely to be available.

The unexpected bounty of snow has sparked a surge in interest among winter sports enthusiasts, leading to a notable increase in bookings.

Adriaan De Keuster of Aktief Ski in Antwerp observes a significant rise in bookings for winter sports holidays, particularly after the recent snowfall. While August and September saw a flurry of booking activity, interest tapered off temporarily before spiking again in the past week.

Availability in popular ski resorts during the first week of the Christmas holidays remains, but the week following New Year’s poses more significant challenges for those seeking last-minute bookings.

The current trend indicates that many individuals choose a more independent approach to planning their skiing holidays, eschewing traditional tour operators.

With the allure of early snow and attractive pricing, skiers are taking matters into their own hands, seizing the opportunity for an impromptu winter getaway.

As resorts continue to open their doors earlier than expected, the snow-covered slopes beckon, creating an air of anticipation and excitement among winter sports enthusiasts.

Whether it’s the breathtaking landscapes of the Austrian Alps, the Swiss resorts’ pristine slopes, or the French Alps’ charming villages, this early snowfall has set the stage for a season of exhilarating skiing adventures.

As the ski lifts start humming and the resorts come alive, it’s clear that this unexpected gift from nature has turned the tide for ski enthusiasts, making this winter a season to remember.


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