The European Commission (EC) has initiated the campaign called EU Green Deal or EU Farm to Fork to protect pollinators across Europe from any harmful pesticides and presented various proposals that could lead to the protection of the pollinators on Sunday, February 13, 2022. 

While emphasising the danger to the pollinators across the globe, European Commission (EC) took to Twitter and stressed,” We reiterate to EU countries to support our proposal to protect pollinators from harmful pesticides”. 


The Commission pointed out that they are urging the European Union countries to support them in the various proposals which could be helpful to protect the pollinators. 

It reiterated the various proposals of the Commission, which could limit the use of the pesticides Sulfoxaler in permanent greenhouses and will offer the potentially negative impact of this substance on bees. 

European Commission noted, “Our proposal limits the use of the pesticide Sulfoxaflor in permanent greenhouses, given the potentially negative impact of this substance on bees”. 

European Commission further proposed various campaigns, which include Farm to Fork, and it has initiated by the European Union to increase the availability of biological pesticides. 

It further noted,” Today, the use of the chemical pesticides are harmful to the pollinators and European Union’s transition in the sustainable food systems, and there should be efforts to reduce the use of the chemical pesticides under the strategy called Farm to Fork. 


It is an excellent step started by the European Union to ensure access to natural plant protection products for use in the field across the Member States, as per the European Commission. 

Moreover, the member states have also approved new rules that could facilitate the approval of micro-organisms in using the active substances in plant protection products.  

As per the European Commission, (EC) the new rules would offer the numerous option to the farmers of the European Union countries in which the methods such as substitute chemical plant protection products would be included. 

Health and Food Safety, Stella Kyriakides, said: “There is a good news for European farmers which would offer transition away from the use of chemical pesticides”.  



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