The Embassy of Belgium in Abu Dhabi Organised a special event, “Belgium and Europe in times of global challenges,” in cooperation with the Emirati private national university “University of Sharjah” in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, from March 20, 2023, to March 26, 2023.

The Belgian Ambassador Antoine Delcourt gave a lecture to the students of Sharjah University on the importance of international cooperation to face the current global challenges. Antoine Delcourt also stressed the importance of strengthening relations between Belgium and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in various areas, particularly trade, investment and culture. Also, at the end of the event, there was a Q&A session organised for the students of Sharjah University, which concluded with a group photo of all the attendees and the Ambassadors at Sharjah University.


Reportedly, The Sharjah University was established in 1997 in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates; the ruler of Sharjah Sheikh, Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi founded it. The goal of Sharjah University is to be one of the best leading academic Institutions in the Middle East. The main campus of Sharjah University was made to facilitate and provide the best educational training and research programs internationally throughout the Emirates. Sharjah University was mainly based on Islamic Architecture and History. Also, Sharjah University plays a crucial role in the socioeconomic Development of the emirates of Sharjah.

Also, Sharjah University is well-architectured and has one of the best and most well-constructed campuses in the Middle East. The Kalba Campus of Shrajah University was constructed on 100 million AED construction expenditures and inaugurated in February 2011. The Dhami campus of Sharjah University was built on 60 million AED construction, which was inaugurated in December 2015. the Dhami campus of Sharjah University has four classrooms, five lecture rooms and more than ten laboratories.


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