The Embassy of Belgium in Cairo extended their pleasure and gratitude on the last day of their colleagues Ingmar and Maximilien, who have been working with the Embassy for the past three years.

Reportedly, Embassy Members Ingmar and Maximilien have worked with the Embassy of Belgium in Cairo for the past three years. The Embassy has recognised their capability and dedication to their work and considers them as the most valuable asset to them.


This Monday, August 7, 2023, to honour and mark the farewell of their two brilliant employees, Ingmar and Maximilien, the Embassy organised a fantastic event and presented them with warm wishes and awards.

The Embassy greeted them and wished them all the best for their future endeavours. The Embassy also shared some glimpses from the last-day celebration of the farewell of their two female employees, Ingmar and Maximilien, with a beautifully noted message.

 “Time to say goodbye to our colleagues Ingmar and Maximilien. These past three years, they were invaluable to the political and consular work of the Embassy.”

“Thank you for your dedication and friendship. Good luck with your new adventures! And remember: Who drinks from the Nile will return to it. 

اللي يشرب من مياه النيل لازم يرجعلها تاني!, ” Embassy added.

Notably, the Embassy of Belgium in Cairo provides people with many opportunities and services to local, Belgian, and international citizens in Egypt. It also works to maintain and strengthen the relationships between the two countries related to trade and others.


The Belgian Embassy in Egypt supports Egyptian citizens through its consular services if they:

  • Need general or specific info regarding the Belgian economy, culture, sports, education and more
  • Need information regarding requirements and process of getting Belgian Citizenship
  • Specific contacts and information in Belgium
  • Want to apply and obtain a Belgian Visa



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