The United States-based author, humourist and provocateur Michael Cheshire raised his concern over the courage of the movie Barbie that has been rising among people worldwide, despite focusing on the challenges the country has been facing.

The United States-based author, humourist and provocateur Michael Cheshire on addressing the ongoing issues the world and people are facing, bashed over the people and said, “People seem to be losing their minds that the movie Barbie beat Oppenheimer at the box office. But let’s just think about it for a second… Our country is in a horrible heat wave, political wars are raging. Not to mention an actual war in Ukraine… and several other places. We have had floods, COVID returning with a vengeance, and writers and actors strikes.”


While addressing these ongoing challenges, Michael Cheshire stressed the need to focus and be concerned about these challenges.

“So what do you think we crave? To watch a movie about how we brought humanity so much destruction?… Or watch, arguably, the most beautiful woman in history dance around in bike shorts?!” he further added.

Further, while giving his opinions about the Oppenheimer movie, he shared, “Right now, I’d pass on a shout-out to the military-industrial complex and focus my efforts on why my abs refuse to look like Ryan Goslings!!! Ugh. Ryan’s always trying to make me feel like a lesser man! Screw you, Ryan!! Screw! You!”

Furthermore, he shared that anyway. Barbie winning is easy to understand. And it is a solid and entertaining movie. “(And before some of you comment, I have seen both. And the bomb was needed in WW2 and probably saved millions of lives. That’s not my point. I’m talking about entertainment. Period.),” he added.

“And FYI… You better watch your back, Ryan Gosling! This is FAR FROM OVER, pretty boy!” he added.


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