Policymakers from the Pacific Island region gathered in Nadi today for a one-week training on evidence-based policymaking for decent work in Fiji on Monday, July 24, 2023.

As Per the Update, The one-week training workshop was organised by the International Labour Organisation, targeting policymakers from the government and employers and workers representatives from 11 countries.


The Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Hon. Agni Deo Singh, while officiating at the event, highlighted that the Coalition government had given a clear commitment that it will be guided by an open-minded approach to the modernising government using information and knowledge more effectively and creatively at the heart of policymaking and policy delivery.

Minister Singh added that the advent of the new Fiji government is an excellent time to initiate an evidence-based approach to public policy to move the country towards a factual, accountable and transparent society.

“Simultaneously, removing misinformation, half-truths, and non-consultative processes from contaminating our policies.”
“In this regard, labour laws put in place to curtail workers’ and union leaders’ rights in the past are now being reviewed. This was one of the Coalition government’s priorities within weeks of office.”

“We made sure we had a tripartite forum appointed as per ILO C144, which means an equal representation of workers, employers and government on all Employment Ministry tripartite Boards,” said Minister Singh.
“This includes the review of the labour law, which is currently in progress and expected to be completed soon.”

“Furthermore, the Ministry will work with stakeholders to reinstate all industry-based wages councils in the country, and their main goal would be to determine a decent minimum wage for the different sectors and enhance workers’ engagement in the labour mobility scheme.

The representative from the International Labour Organization, Dr Narend Prasad, highlighted that in this training on evidence-based policy making for decent work, the participants would find the tools and instruments for using evidence to advocate, develop and influence policies for countries.


Through this training, the ILO will guide participants through identifying a policy issue that respective countries are passionate about and equip them with the necessary tools and instruments to produce insightful analysis and policy briefs for using evidence to advocate.

Minister Singh acknowledged the ILO for their continued support in organising such a crucial training which fits very well in the current context to help the institutional capacity of member states and representative organisations of employers and workers to facilitate meaningful and coherent social policies for sustainable development.


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