In anticipation of hosting the Olympic Games from July 26 to August 11, France is fortifying its security measures amidst escalating concerns following a devastating attack on a Moscow concert hall.

Sebastien Lecornu, speaking to LCI, revealed that approximately 2,000 foreign police officers, gendarmes, and troops will be integrated into the security apparatus for the event.


The decision to bolster security comes in the wake of the tragic incident in Moscow on March 22, where an attack claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group resulted in the loss of at least 144 lives.

France, deeply affected by the incident, has elevated its security alert to the highest level, recognizing the imperative need for comprehensive protection during the upcoming global event.

Minister Lecornu emphasized that the additional personnel will serve critical roles that are essential for the smooth operation of security protocols.

Among the specialized functions provided by the reinforcements are expertise in handling canines, mounted patrols, and horse riding capabilities—a vital resource in navigating the extensive terrain surrounding the Olympic venues.

Poland, demonstrating solidarity in the face of shared security concerns, announced its commitment to supply troops, with a particular focus on deploying sniffer dogs for bomb detection and counter-terrorism operations.

Although the exact number of troops was not disclosed, the gesture underscores the collaborative effort among European nations to ensure the safety and security of the games.


As preparations intensify, France is mobilizing a significant force of nearly 45,000 police officers and gendarmes in the Paris region for the opening ceremony on July 26.

Departing from tradition, the ceremony will take place along the picturesque Seine River instead of the conventional main stadium setting, symbolizing a blend of innovation and security consciousness.

Throughout the duration of the games, approximately 18,000 French military troops will be deployed, with 3,000 tasked specifically with aerial surveillance—a critical component in monitoring and safeguarding against potential threats from the skies.

These efforts are in addition to the substantial presence of around 35,000 police officers and gendarmes who will be vigilant in maintaining order and responding to any security incidents promptly.

The collaborative efforts between France and its international partners underscore a unified commitment to ensuring the safety and success of the Olympic Games.

Despite the challenges posed by evolving security threats, the collective resolve to uphold the spirit of global sportsmanship remains unwavering.

With the world’s eyes set to turn towards France in anticipation of the Olympic spectacle, the nation stands resolute in its determination to host a memorable and secure event that celebrates the spirit of unity, athleticism, and peace.


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