Dr Terrance Drew, Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis expressed excitement and gratefulness towards his wife Diani Jimesha Prince-Drew as she distributed potable water bottle to the kids in pre-schools and daycares yesterday.

Diani visited several schools and daycares, including KeBabies Child Development and Lousia Grant Pre School in Conaree, Vera’s Day Care and Cayon Day Care in Cayon, Nana’s house and St. Peter’s Day Care in St Peter’s.

PM Terrance Drew's wife Diani donated potable water bottles in preschools and daycare for kids. (Image Credit Fb)
PM Terrance Drew’s wife Diani donated potable water bottles in preschools and daycare for kids. (Image Credit Fb)

While the prime minister Drew appreciated the gesture whole heartedly stating, it was very thoughtful of her to distribute clean drinking water in drought season, Diani also seemed to enjoy the experience. She looked highly delightful while interacting with the kids and handing over the water bottles to them.

Diani mentioned that she thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the lively, smart, and confident kids. She excitedly remembered knowing about their favourites and hobbies.

She discussed about early childhood education with the teachers, which UNESCO describes as a highly consequential period of rich brain development. The teachers responded positively to her questions and smiled in the admiration of their talented students.

Early childhood is the age where creativity reaches its peak, and if channeled well it can prove to be miraculous in a kid’s development. Diani acknowledged one outstanding idea of resourceful gardening in St. Peter’s backyard. Old tyres were put to use by planting herbs and vegetables in them.

Diani considered it a creative step for teaching young kids about food security. She said such small efforts can eventually lead to a reduction in the food import rate.

Netizens appreciated this initiative of hers and hoped that she would continue to take such encouraging steps for the nation. One of her Facebook audience members, Melvina Samuel, appreciated her saying that early childhood is the basis of any childhood system and she is happy to see Diani engaging in activities with kids.


People applauded Diani rightly by calling her inspiring and labelling her ‘vibes’ warm and good.


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