France: Social media influencer Lauren Standford shares her recent fishing experience which she undertook on Saturday morning, March 30, 2023, in Southern France. The influencer called it a session for life. Lauren took to her social media and said that at some point in everyone’s life, they would have a red letter session, but even in a million years, she never thought that her fishing session would end up like this.

While driving down to the south of France on a Saturday morning, March 30, 2023, knowing the stock in the lake, she says that the buzz was unreal; the lake itself is a lovely 7 acres lake with depths from 2-5ft, and islands dotted around, and she couldn’t wait to get the rods out.


She shares, “I found two spots to start with, one under an overhanging willow tree in around 2.5ft of water and the other just off a spit around 3ft. I had a feeling that the carp would come from the out-of-bounds and use this as a patrol route. Knowing that the lake owner had been previously feeding the lake, and it still being mid-March, I decided to go light with the bait. Two handfuls of maize and a handful of crushed Cell boilies over each rod”.

She says the fishing rods had been out for twelve hours, and then suddenly, she had a typical ‘big fish bite’ on her left-hand she adds, “big lunges and a slow fight. I knew it was a big fish, but as it rolled into the net, I knew straight away that I had landed the Biggun at a massive 79lb! New PB, and I was genuinely lost for words!

She says that the day went by in a bit of a blur, and she was still not processing what happened, but after redoing the rods that evening, she got ready for the night, but then suddenly what happened next blew her mind as, this time, Another bite and another chunk going 73lb 12oz!

She adds, “From then, I just hit repeat, fishing for one bite at a time, and it certainly worked. We started to notice throughout the week that the bite times would be from around 1 am – 9 am but quiet on the days, especially if it rained as it is so shallow. The next bite came early the next morning, at a huge 61lb 12oz; I literally couldn’t believe my luck!”

She ended the week with 79lb, 73lb 12oz, 64lb 2oz, 61lb 12oz, 59lb 4oz and 49lb 8oz, and all these fish fell to either a pink Fruity Squid dumbbell Wafter or a Pineapple pop-up soaked in isotonic (so much that they waft) on IQD rigs with Kurv shank 2’s.


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