In a landmark verdict that brings a measure of justice to his victims, a French court has sentenced Salim Berrada, infamously known as the “Tinder rapist,” to 18 years in prison for a string of heinous crimes.
The 38-year-old former photographer from Morocco was found guilty of 12 rapes and three sexual assaults, marking a significant moment in a case that has shocked and appalled the nation.
Berrada’s modus operandi was as disturbing as it was calculated. He preyed upon women he met on dating apps and social media, luring them into photo shoots under false pretences, only to subject them to unspeakable acts of violence.
Prosecutors described him as “extremely dangerous,” highlighting his predatory behaviour and sly manipulation tactics.
During the two-week trial, which captivated the attention of the public, Berrada remained emotionless as the verdict was delivered.
However, his victims breathed sighs of relief as the presiding judge read out their names, signalling a long-awaited sense of closure for those who had endured his abuse.
The court heard chilling accounts from the survivors, who recounted their harrowing experiences at the hands of Berrada. Many described feeling an abnormal and rapid inebriation after accepting drinks offered by the defendant, leading investigators to suspect that the beverages had been spiked with drugs.
Despite their objections, the women recounted how Berrada forcibly assaulted them, leaving them traumatized and scarred.
Prosecutors presented compelling evidence against Berrada, including a disturbing discovery: a list of pick-up lines and compliments stored in an Excel spreadsheet, which he used to target his victims en masse. This calculated approach further underscored the predatory nature of his crimes.
Throughout the trial, Berrada maintained his innocence, claiming that all sexual relations were consensual. He attempted to discredit his accusers, suggesting that some had “lied” or led him to believe they were consenting.
However, the overwhelming evidence presented by the prosecution painted a damning picture of his guilt.
The severity of Berrada’s crimes was compounded by his status as a repeat offender. Despite being arrested in 2016 and spending two and a half years in prison awaiting trial, he continued to prey upon unsuspecting women upon his release. This pattern of behaviour led prosecutors to characterize him as a persistent threat to society.
The sentencing of Berrada to 18 years in prison sends a powerful message that such abhorrent acts will not be tolerated in France.
It serves as a reminder of the importance of holding perpetrators of sexual violence accountable for their actions and providing support to survivors.
As the victims of the “Tinder rapist” begin to heal from their trauma, the verdict stands as a testament to their courage in seeking justice and bringing their assailant to account for his crimes.
The battle against sexual violence is far from over, but with each conviction, progress is made in ensuring a safer and more just society for all.


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