The French Embassy celebrated World Rhino Day today (Friday), September 22, 2023, and emphasised the need to safeguard their majestic Rhinos and preserve biodiversity.

As per the French Embassy, AFD– Agence Française de Développement, A Public solidarity and financial institution and the Public Utility company of France, is already at the forefront of supporting technical exchanges in Rhino conservation practices across the Indo-Pacific region.


Recently, Forest Department officers from Assam, India, embarked on an inspiring journey to Kruger National Park in South Africa, all thanks to the Indo-Pacific Park Partnership program.

Under this remarkable initiative, the French Embassy fosters cooperation in vital areas such as rhino ecology and conservation management, rescue operations, rehabilitation, translocation efforts, and groundbreaking research.

The Embassy also extended their pride to play a role in promoting best practices among the leading Indo-Pacific conservation hubs.

Further, the Embassy urged people to join them in their mission to protect these incredible creatures and their habitats. They also urged that Together, they can make a difference.

Notably, World Rhino Day is a day to celebrate and protect the five rhinos living on our planet. Rhinos are amazing animals that have been around for millions of years but face grave threats from poaching and habitat loss.

We need to act now to save these magnificent creatures from extinction.
World Rhino Day was first announced by WWF-South Africa in 2010 and has since grown into a global movement of NGOs, sanctuaries and conservationists who care about rhinos.


Rhinos are more than just their horns. They are vital for their ecosystems, their cultures and their future. Let’s show them some love and support on this special day.

In Addition, Andrew Campbell (CEO of Game Rangers’ Association of Africa) will be hosting a webinar where he will be chatting with two rangers from Save The Rhino Trust Namibia, discussing some of the learnings they have had from conducting Rhino ranger support and capability needs assessments in over 30 protected areas.


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