Germany: The United States Medical Department Activity Bavaria, called Meddac Bavaria in Vilseck, Germany, has recently shared an update describing some procedures for using the Apotheke System to benefit oneself effectively.

Reportedly, The Apotheke (pronounced Ah-Po-Take-Uh) is the German word for pharmacy. Apothekens are the only places in Germany where one can get prescription medications, but they also sell various over-the-counter medications, natural medicines, and remedies.


As per Meddac Bavaria, If one needs to fill a prescription, take it to any Apotheke in Germany. The pharmacist will review their medicine and help them understand how to handle it safely.

Apotheken also offers various other services, such as immunizations, travel advice, and blood pressure monitoring.

Many Apotheken carry pediatric formulations, including syrups, suspensions, and chewable tablets. If one has any questions about pediatric formulations, one can just ask the pharmacist.

Further, Here are some additional tips for using the Apotheke system in Germany, shared by Meddac Bavaria:

• Most Apothekens are open during regular business hours, but many Apothekens are available evenings and weekends.
• If you need medication outside of regular business hours, you can find a list of emergency pharmacies on the website of the German Pharmacists Association.
• German pharmacists are highly trained and are happy to answer any questions you have about your medication or your health.
• Don’t be afraid to ask the pharmacist for recommendations. They can help one find the right product for their needs, even if they don’t have a prescription.

At last, while concluding and evaluating the benefits of the Apotheke system in one’s health and well-being, Meddac Bavaria also urged people to consider the Apotheke as a valuable resource for their healthcare needs in Germany.


In the Given pictures, they have also shared a list of prescribed medications.