Not long after Germany eased travel rules and announced plans to relax some of its domestic restrictions, the country has registered the highest number of COVID-19 infection cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which is the German body responsible for disease prevention and control, has shared the information that the nation has more than 294,000 new cases of people getting infected by the COVID-19 infection on Thursday, March 17.


As per the reports, the number of cases may be more than RKI has reported. The self-tests are not included in the final report of the positive cases of the variant of the COVID-19.

Along with this, the vaccination rate, the data provided from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) depicts the information that 90.6 per cent of the total population in Germany has already completed the primary vaccination.

Additionally, the other 69.2 per cent has got an extra vaccination dose of the vaccination.

The German ministers have already declared plans to slowly lift up the maximum number of the COVID-19 restriction by March 20.

On the other hand, the Health Minister of Germany named Karl Lauterbach has mentioned the plan to remove the restrictions to reconsider for 2nd time as the cases of the COVID-9 infection tends to increase.

However, Lauterbach stated that the situation in the entire nation is “Critical” and suggested that the authorities should continue to apply measures until the maximum number of infections decreases gradually.


Furthermore, the rise in the COVID-19 infection case also follows the relaxation of the travel restrictions for people coming from other nations.

The German authorities have declared that the coming travellers would no longer be subject to strict travel rules as they were before.


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