Sofia, Bulgaria: For the first time on the Bulgarian stage, Euro Commissioner Iliana Ivanova and Prime Minister Academic Nikolay Denkov opened the International Conference “Spinoff Bulgaria” in 2023.

The Key European Union representatives, international experts and the local ecosystem have engaged in dialogue on Europe’s innovative future. The second edition of the international conference “Spinoff Bulgaria” was held on Thursday, September 28-29, 2023 in Sofia.


Topics of the event included European and national policies, financing and commercialization opportunities, patents and copyright acquisition, international good practices, project work, and scientific infrastructure.

The Prime Minister Academic Nikolay Denkov, the Minister of Education and Science Galin Tsokov, the Bulgarian European Commissioner for Innovation, Scientific Research, Culture, Education and Youth Iliana Ivanova, and the Deputy attended the conferences.

Ministers of education and science prof. Genka Petrova, Valentin Mundrov electronic management and innovation and growth prof. George Angelov.

“I welcome the idea of Spinoff Bulgaria to support 100 Spinoff enterprises to be created and developed, and I hope Spinoff Bulgaria will serve as an inspiration for more such initiatives.

We must increase our investments in cutting-edge, green and digital technologies and implement a strategically coordinated approach to support European innovators”.

This statement was made at the opening by the European Commissioner for Innovation, Scientific Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Iliana Ivanova.


She noted that spinoff enterprises serve as critical linkages for knowledge exchange, expand expertise and technology exchange, facilitating scientific research and innovation transfer from academia to practical applications in the business world. In this way, it helps to attract the interest of private investors.

“We are trying to mobilize and create the right stimulus so that there is even more support for those who do the best and manage to show that science is not just a matter of curiosity and articles in prestigious magazines, but it is also useful for the economy and society,” commented the Science Tribune. event Prime Minister Academic Nikolay Denkov.

“It is crucial that the first public event of the new Bulgarian European Commissioner Iliana Ivanova in Bulgaria is connected with the Horizont Europe program.”

The program is this financial tool that enables innovation to be realized in their full circle – from idea to business implementation. “This is commented on by the Minister of Education and Science, Prof. Galin Tsokov.

“The Horizont Europe program provides the opportunity for collaboration between science, business, and educational institutions so that new technologies and scientific research can be at the forefront of European Union policy,” Minister Tsokov noted.

He adds that in recent years, Bulgaria has also contributed to the development of the program, and in the last two years alone, 80 million has been raised. Euro on various projects and programs linked to Horizon Europe, and Bulgarian scientists, researchers and business partners have participated in 214 projects under Horizon Europe.

The conference presented examples of various technological developments and achievements in artificial intelligence, medicine, biotechnology, cybersecurity and microelectronics.

The best Spinoffs of the year were also distinguished as companies involved in epigenetics, telemetry, discovery of new drug molecules, and artificial intelligence. The winners were broadcast in two main categories: “Best Bulgarian Spinoff”, with the prize taken by Epix.

AI, Kelvin Health, Hemokin Pharmaceuticals, Barin Sports, BullCharge and MatriChem. Digistain and Feasyfy were awarded in the category “Best European Spinoff with Bulgarian participation”.

“Spinoffs are the basis of economic growth, have high-added value and generate high-tech innovations.

They create new jobs, unlock private capital, and stimulate research and development activity and the adoption of innovation,” commented Christina Eskenazi, chair of the Biotech and Health cluster, who is among the main organizers of the event — and added that the goal the team is setting is to create 100 Spinoff companies until 2030, originating from science, universities or existing corporations.

The forum’s primary focus on the second day was the EU Horizon Europe program in scientific research and innovation for 2021-2027. , with a budget of 95.5 billion euros.

Among the live official guests were the Directors of the European Executive Agency for Healthcare and Digitalization (HaDEA) – Mrs. Marina Zanci, Angelo Marino and Kathleen Engelbosch, as well as Frederico Mena (Director of EIT Digital), Daniel Abu (Director of the European AI Forum), Sabine Demi (Director of Artificial Intelligence Department at IMEC), and many more representatives of the scientific community and the successful business.


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