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How is the software of Remote Play?

Remote Play

Remote Play is a Sony video game console feature. It enables the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 to send their video and audio output to another unit. Remote Play was previously limited to the PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita. 

It was extended in 2014 to include PlayStation TV, Xperia smartphones and tablets (Z2 and later), as well as PlayStation Now.

However, it was extended to Microsoft Windows PCs and macOS in 2016. Finally, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems are supported as well. In November 2020, just before the latest console’s launch, support for remote play of PlayStation 5 games to other devices was added. 

What’s the concept?

PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 does all of the encoding in Remote Play. But the picture and sound are sent to the screens and speakers on the PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita. 

Though it’s most frequently associated with Sony consoles and handhelds, it’s also been used in other contexts. In April 2010, Sony released a firmware update for the PS3. It allows Remote Play between the console and Sony VAIO brand desktops and laptops and Sony Xperia brand smartphones and tablets.

What about software compatibility?

In 2007, Sony made all original PlayStation games compatible with Remote Play on the PSP when played on a PlayStation 3. All PlayStation 4 games will also be playable on the PlayStation Vita, according to Sony. Apart from these two examples, Remote Play was a feature that was only used in a few games. When Remote Play is available on the PS3, the chart below shows when it is available. 

The Off-TV Play feature on Nintendo’s Wii U console offers similar features. This feature allows you to play compatible home console games on your handheld. Although Remote Play was seldom used on the PS3, it is now a necessary feature on all PS4 games, except games that use peripherals such as PlayStation Switch.

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