Italy’s right-wing bloc is on path to score the victory with a clear majority in both houses of parliament at elections this month. The following information was released according to the studies based on the final opinion polls prior to a ban on their publication kicks in on Saturday.
Moreover, the far-right Brothers of Italy which dominates the conservative alliance is set to be the largest single party at the September 25 vote, as per the recent surveys which show it widening its lead over the centre-left Domestic Party (PD).
Meanwhile, as per study conducted by the Cattaneo Institute think tank, based on polls conducted up to August 31, made a suggestion that the conservative bloc could elect at least 258 legislators out of 400 in the Chamber of Deputies & 131 out of 200 in the Senate.
It has been calculated that there is 91.5% probability that the alliance, in which Giorgia Meloni’s Brothers of Italy is guarded by Matteo Salvini’s League & Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, would have a complete majority in both chambers.
As per recent study, the centre-left which is led by Enrico Letta’s PD would be electing 88 legislators in the lower chamber & 44 in the Senate, while the rest of the seats would be divided among the parties which are outside these main blocs.
Italy’s election law favours parties that form broad alliances, amplifying the advantage enjoyed by the rightist bloc against its more divided centre-left rivals.
Meloni’s party is outscoring the League and Forza Italia combined, putting her in a strong position to be Italy’s first woman prime minister.


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