Mystery writer Jaqueline Winspear, England, posted an update on her social media handle today, Announcing the post-publication newsletter of her recent novel ‘The White Lady‘ to be distributed this week to her subscribers. For those people who have yet to have a chance to read the pre-publication newsletters and are curious about the historical underpinnings of her novel, she informed them to go along to the Newsletter Archive on her website. The newsletters contain a lot of background on the story, and in one newsletter, they may have yet to guess many things about the title ‘The White Lady’.

Jaqueline Winspear also mentioned that this year marks the 20th anniversary of her mystery book Maisie Dobbs series, launched in 2003.


She expressed, “I cannot believe it’s been twenty years! I was blonde when Maisie Dobbs was published, and now I bear my silver crown, which is an excellent way of saying my hair is no longer blonde”!

Also, She announced that her first-ever publisher, Soho Press – who still published the first two books in the series, Maisie Dobbs and Birds of a Feather – has a few promotions planned to mark the occasion, so she asks people to watch this space as she’ll be sharing more about that in the next week or a while.

Jaqueline Winspear further announced that On Sunday, she’d be leaving for London – next week; on April 12, 2023, she’ll be at Hatchards Bookshop on Piccadilly (handy for the Tube station) for an event.

As she rarely does bookstore events in the UK, this event would be pretty exciting for her- she said that some of the people at the event might not be related to her, or at college with her, or used to work with her. Still, she marked that “I have let everyone I have ever met in my whole life know I’ll be there.”





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