Anantnag, J&K: Naik Qayoom, an Anantnag based 23 years old innovator, made a fully automated seed-sawing machine which was later selected by the Punjab University Chandigarh and NIT Srinagar for a national-level presentation.

An-Anantnag, based 23 years old Naik Qayoom from Kheeri village in Dorru, is a national innovator who has greatly advanced the technological Farming sector by developing a fully automated seed-sawing machine in his town Dooru. ANI shared the Update on Tuesday, May 16, 2023.


For two years, Anantnag-based Naik Qayoom worked on his project, which made finally successful after spending his tremendous time and efforts. As per the sources, this fully automated seed sawing machine will help farmers in the field to increase their production by using the line sowing method; the machine has been made capable of both Line and Point dropping with seed control; the machine even has the capability of both line and point dropping with seed control and can sow any seed and can also be used for fertilizer scattering.

On asking about his vision of making this machine, Naik Qayoom shared that Technological innovations in the agricultural sector were scarce in Kashmir, and people were still using traditional methods. Hence, to bring efficient transformation in the agriculture industry, he decided to develop innovations in the farming industry and successfully created an automated seed-sowing machine that Punjab University and NIT Srinagar selected for national-level presentation.

As per the sources, Niak Qayoom’s project was launched by Director Industries in 2022 under the Ministry of MSME that is Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, who helped him to set up a manufacturing unit to begin the large-scale production of the seed saw machines to help the farmer community.

With consistent hard work and timely support, Naik Qayoom successfully developed his innovative creation to help the farm community, which has been honoured with various awards at the distinctive state and national levels by the state for his agricultural startups and got also selected by the Punjab University Chandigarh and NIT Srinagar for a national-level presentation. As per the reports, the verified versions with three-in-one technology are available with rates ranging from Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000.





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