US: President Joe Biden meets Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Discussed Russia-Ukraine conflicts

US-based famous Journalist, National News Broadcast Winner Jim Heath took to his official social media handle to share some updates on the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the White House, USA, to meet US President Joe Biden.

Kathmandu, Nepal: Patan-based Lakshmi Nakarmi emerges to transform her three decades back idea into a Lucrative business

Kathmandu, Nepal: Lakshmi Nakarmi, a young woman from the ancient city of Patan, accompanied by her staff members and three sisters, emerges to turn business into transform her work into a lucrative business by using a less to no regarded corn husk into a delicate artwork.

Guwahati, Assam: Narengi Military Station undertake several enhacements to improve living conditions of Army Units

Guwahati, Assam: The Narengi Military Station, Located in Guwahati, Assam, is all set to be converted into a fully green solar energy plant with a Capacity of 1 Mega Watts to benefit the troops of the Indian Army.

Elevated Light Railway Metro Station to Commence in Srinagar and Jammu this year

Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir: The Elevated Light Railway Metro Station in Srinagar and Jammu is expected to commence in 2023-2024 and will likely be completed in 2026. With the construction of the Elevated Railway station in Jammu and Kashmir, the local commuters would travel easily and will also help to reduce traffic decongestion.

India: PM Narendra Modi leaves for Odisha after chairing high-level meeting on Tripple Train Accident

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi leaves for Odisha after chairing the high-level meeting to address the triple train accident where at least 300 people died in an accident involving three trains; the PMO India shared the update on the official Twitter handle of PM Narendra Modi on Saturday, June 3, 2023.

India becomes first to regulate tobacco warnings on OTT platforms, reports

India: Regional Director of the World Health Organisation, South East Asis Region, Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh, shared an update on India becoming the first country to regulate anti-tobacco warnings on OTT Platforms.

G20 Summit 2023 Organises Film Tourism event during three days of Meetings

J&K, Srinagar: The Foreign Delegates of the G20 Summit, 2023, experienced the side event on “Film Tourism Economic and Cultural Preservation” during the three days Tourism Group Meetings that commenced on Monday, May 22, 2023.

India: G20 Delegates visits Historical Polo Market in Srinagar on 3rd day of Group Tourism Meeting

J&K, Srinagar: The Foreign Delegates of the G20 visited the historical polo market in Srinagar on the 3rd day of the Tourism Group Meeting on Wednesday, May 24, 2023, and expressed their pleasure and excitement while roaming the local market.

J&K: Special translators from KU and other colleges to benefit at G20 summit 2023

Srinagar, J&K: The special translators from the University of Kashmir and other various colleges of Jammu and Kashmir will go to benefit the delegates of the foreign countries to ensure the proper and effective communication to take place at the G20 summit 2023 held at Sher-i Kashmir International Conference Center or SKINCC Srinagar, J&K.

INDIA: PM Narendra Modi visits PNG for FIPIC 3rd summit

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the new Papua New Guinean capital city, Port Moresby, on Friday, May 18, 2023, where the Members of the Indian Community felt delighted and welcomed him to the country.

UK-based Arab Journalist Amjad Taha praises Kashmir’s beauty, calls it ‘Paradise on Earth’

UK-based Arab Journalist Amjad Taha, mesmerised by Kashmir's beauty, recently posted a video on his social media handle called Kashmir "Paradise on Earth," a place that has preserved the Earth and can be the solution to climate change.

KNOW HERE: Evolution of Children’s Literature in Punjab

Punjab, India: The Punjabi Literature that is written in the Punjabi language and deals with the Punjabi Diaspora, whose scripts are written in the Punjabi Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi scripts, signifying the most influencing traditions and cultures of the state, has made its origin to be found in the forms of Punjabi stories, poetries, verses, this written Literature has imbued with wisdom moral lessons, and a dash of humour, served as a child’s first window to the world beyond their immediate experience.

J&K: Anantnag-based Naik Qayoom develops automated seed-sawing machine for farmers

Anantnag, J&K: Naik Qayoom, an Anantnag based 23 years old innovator, made a fully automated seed-sawing machine which was later selected by the Punjab University Chandigarh and NIT Srinagar for a national-level presentation.

READ HERE: Spiritual Thoughts in “A Million Thoughts” by Indian author Om Swami

A Million Thoughts is a beautiful book that sincerely guides those who wish to walk the path of spirituality. It is written for anyone of any age group to understand and follow. The book "A Million Thoughts" is written by the Indian Spiritual leader and best-selling author Om Swami.

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PSG Snubs Kylian Mbappé for Last Ligue 1 Encounter

Despite fervent anticipation surrounding Mbappé's potential move to the Spanish giants, PSG has chosen to remain tight-lipped regarding the rationale behind his exclusion from the matchday squad

France Escalates Efforts to Quell Unrest in New Caledonia Amid Rising Tensions

High Commissioner Louis Le Franc, the highest state official in New Caledonia, issued a stern warning in a televised address on Sunday, May 19th, asserting that France would spare no effort in reclaiming control of the territory, "whatever the cost"

France Accuses Azerbaijan of Interference in New Caledonia Protests

France has leveled accusations against Azerbaijan, claiming the country's involvement in the recent wave of protests and violence that have gripped the Pacific island territory of New Caledonia

European Union Population Trends: Growth, Decline, and Shifting Densities

While some countries have witnessed substantial population growth, such as France and Spain, which each recorded a remarkable increase of 6.3 million people, others have faced declines

N’Golo Kanté Returns: Deschamps Unveils French Squad for Euro 2024

Deschamps, speaking on French television channel TF1, expressed confidence in Kanté's return, citing his full season of play with Saudi club Al Ittihad, despite the midfielder's struggles with injuries during his time at Chelsea.