Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir: The Elevated Light Railway Metro Station in Srinagar and Jammu is expected to commence in 2023-2024 and will likely be completed in 2026. With the construction of the Elevated Railway station in Jammu and Kashmir, the local commuters would travel easily and will also help to reduce traffic decongestion.

As per the Update, The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has approved the multicore project of the Elevated Light Railway Metro Station in Srinagar and Jammu. Therefore it is expected that the project will begin this year, 2023-24, and at the same time, it is also likely to end by 2026.


According to the reports, The Elevated Light Railway Station Project would greatly benefit the local commuters from both the Capital Cities of Jammu and Srinagar to travel, as this would reduce Traffic Congestion. The construction of the railway project not only impacts positively but also helps to improve the economic quality of life.

The Jammu Srinagar Railway light would be directed to run 17 hours a day during summers and 14 hours a day in winters. The Light Railway metro railway Project is going to commence with several advancements; as per the sources, the metro rail lines would have only elevated corridors, as the underground tunnels were not found to be feasible, and the coaches of the metrolite system would be modern, lightweight, and made from stainless steel and aluminium with an air-conditioning system.

The Jammu light rail station would have a 23 km length with 22 stations between Bantalab and Bari Brahmana. In contrast, the Srinagar light rail system would have a 25 km length that includes a 12.5 km length from Indira Nagar to HMT junction and a 12.5 km length from Hazuri Bagh to Osmanabad with 24 stations – 12 stations on each corridor.






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