The Masazir Lake, also called Masazirgol, is a salty lake located in Masazir in the Absheron Peninsula; the Masazir lake is located on the West coast of the Caspian Sea. The Masazir Lake is a lake with pink water or a pink lake. Among 8 Pink Lakes worldwide, The Masazir Lake in the Azerbaijan region is one of them. The Masazir Lake (or, as the locals say, Masazirgol) is in the Masazir village near Baku.

There is something very unique about the creations of nature in the world; the Mountains, Lakes, Rivers, Oceans, Islands etc., are one of the most beautiful natural creations in the world, which always catch the sight of every human being.


There are some beautiful lakes in the world, including bluewater lakes and green water lakes. But talking about a lake with pink water or a pink lake. There are only 8 Pink Lakes in the world, one of which is Masazir lake in the Azerbaijan region. The Masazir Lake, or, Masazirgol (as the locals say), is located in the Masazir village near Baku.

Reportedly, The Masazir lake is unique, with a square of ten square kilometres. The lake’s colour spills majestically with bright, from agate-brown to coral-pink shades at different times during the year. It becomes peachy pink at the end of spring and till the end of October. Also, Since Masazir lake is rich in sulphates and chlorides, salt is indeed mined here in enormous amounts.

The pink colour of Masazir lake is explained by an endless number of microscopic single-cell organisms inhabiting in lake’s waters and salt crust. This is the bacterium named “halophiles” – “salt amateurs”, which becomes the reason for this biological phenomenon. Another reason for the pink colour of salt chunks reminding snowy icebergs is the iodine existence in the lake water. In 2010, a new salt-making plant was built to produce Azeri salt brands in which about 1,735 million tons of salt was recovered; the salt water was recovered in liquid and clay forms.


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