The Largest Political and Economic capital of England, London is one of the most populous and visited cities in the United Kingdom in the World; it was founded by Romans in 47 AD; with barely about 9 million of the vast diversified population, the capital city London stands upon the Thames river, in south-east England; the reason why London is the most visited cities is because of its unique and worldly character in the World. It’s nearly impossible to describe it in any writing. To know about this beautiful city of the United Kingdom, London, we must first visit and live in it.

The Capital, London, is a global city that is one of the neural hubs in the arts, trade, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, media, research, tourism and transport. It’s the World’s leading financial hub, along with NYC. The Capital city has 43 universities making up the largest concentration of higher study centres across Europe.


This multiracial city of England has people from many diversified cultures who speak more than three hundred different languages. Greater London’s urban area, with 10,470,000 inhabitants, is Europe’s second-largest, but its metropolitan area, with an estimated population of between 12 and 14 million, is the largest in the continent. From 1831 to 1925, London, the capital of the British Empire, was also the most populous city in the World.

Notably, The capital city, London, exerts a strong influence on various aspects, including arts, entertainment, fashion, finance, education, health care, media, science and technology, tourism and trade, and transport and communications etc., with total GDP of €801.66 billion as per in 2017, which makes it one of the largest economy in Europe. Also, The Capital city of London is the World’s 3rd largest city in England and the United Kingdom, accounting for more than 10% population in the United Kingdom. The town has four World Heritage Sites, including the Tower of London; Kew Gardens; the combined Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, and St Margaret’s Church.


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