A German-based Non-profit organisation, Let the Son Shine, has this time come up with another exciting story of a little Schnauzer, a prevalent breed of Germany. The Schnauzer term comes from a German Word known as ‘snout’ and means colloquially ‘Moustache’ or ‘Whiskered snout’- the Schnauzer is instantly recognisable by its BEARD.

German-based Nonprofitable Organisation, Let the Son Shine is a non-governmental organisation in Germany which aims to create awareness and serve the most sensitive lives, dog lives, by disseminating the most exciting stories about them.

Reportedly, this time the Let the Son Shine Organisation has come forward to share the story of this most sensitive being on Earth. The Schnauzer are the most sensitive, kind, peaceful and loving breed of Dog, yet they face so much unfair treatment and humiliation from the people. Therefore, highlighting these long-bearded dogs, they also urged people to deal with shame and injustice.

As per the, Let the Son Shine Organisation, There is a fantastic story in 2 Sam 10 – The King of Ammonites had died, and David sent a party from Israel to express his condolences to his son. The men of the court told the king’s son that David did not send this delegation to bring condolences but rather to gather intelligence, so he could later conquer them.

The prince was so angry, and v 4 says – ‘So Hanun took David’s servants and shaved off half of their BEARDS’ Shaving their beards was a form of great public humiliation!

These men had been wronged – they had been mistreated – they had been caused disgrace – they had suffered great shame at the hands of others – they had been left open for the ridicule of others – yet they had done nothing wrong – others had set them up, lied about – and David feels for them in their humiliation and distress and says to them in v 5 – ‘Stay at Jericho until your beards grow, and then return.’

“It would take time for their BEARDS to grow again – BUT THEY DID – and the terrible wrong done to them – PASSED!!”

“I wonder if this is a word for YOU today – STAY where you are – WAIT – the wrong that has been done to you, the hurt you have suffered, the lies that have been told, the shame that has been caused that has made you ashamed to show your face – WAIT FOR YOUR BEARD TO GROW!!”

“Let me give you a couple of verses I have often held on to at times when I need to WAIT FOR MY BEARD to grow again after being wronged and mistreated!”

Ps 37 v 6 & 7 – ‘He will make your righteousness shine like the noonday sun. Be patient and wait for the LORD to act; don’t worry about those who prosper or succeed in their evil plans.’


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