Expanded Eye, The London-based Multidisciplinary Duo of two Tattoo Artist Couples, has this time come up with another incredible piece of art tattoed by one of their adorable customer Jente from Belgium. The Tattoo has been a life-changing statement for the Client, Jente.

The Expanded Eye is a London-based Multidisciplinary Due of the two Tattoo artist couple, formed by the couple Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James in 2010.


The designed Tattoo felt like a homecoming to their adorable Client Jente, who fleed off to Belgium to get her Tattoo. Jente had a Double armed design from them covering textured scars from badly healed skin grafts.

They also shared an Excerpt from Jente’s poignant story, given below:

The scars limit my freedom to be myself in public. They give me a stigma, like a symbol of immature coping and constantly remind me of a moment in my life that I want to provide a place and let go of.

So for me, a tattoo of your design is not only a fantastic unique aesthetic work on my body, but it’s like a life-changing statement, releasing the past and choosing a new direction in my life, celebrating freedom, giving self-trust again, embracing my scars with love and artwork, a reminder of my courage and struggles in a positive way.

I’m still searching for my way now. I need to love myself to love someone else without the constant fear of abandonment. I’ve difficulty letting go. I want to come home to myself. And right now, every day, I try to make that possible.

I have the talent and burden to feel a lot. Sometimes it overwhelms me: both the feeling of melancholy and desolate homesickness and the feeling of gratitude, peace, love and especially freedom. I want to anchor these last feelings and the reminder of the ownership of my life and the guts I have if I give myself trust.