French President Emmanuel Macron has affirmed the determination of France to proceed with the Paris Olympics amidst looming security concerns, unveiling contingency plans to ensure the safety of the event.

In an interview with France’s RMC Radio and BFM TV on Monday morning, Macron reiterated his commitment, stating, “We can do it, and we will do it.”


Acknowledging the potential security risks, Macron revealed the existence of alternative plans, including a Plan B and even a Plan C.

One of the proposed alternatives involves relocating the ceremony to the iconic Trocadero Square, situated facing the Eiffel Tower, where the river route culminates.

Additionally, consideration has been given to moving the event to the Stade de France, a traditional sports stadium located to the north of Paris, slated to host track and field events.

The Stade de France has undergone renovations, including the installation of purple tracks, to adapt to the potential relocation of the ceremony. These measures reflect the meticulous planning and preparation undertaken by authorities to ensure the smooth execution of the event.

Anticipating large crowds, with projections estimating up to 300,000 spectators along the Seine, security measures have been intensified.

Innovative surveillance technology will be employed to monitor potential threats, with SWAT teams poised to respond to any exigencies. The scale of the security operation has necessitated international collaboration, with 46 nations, including Poland, contributing military personnel to bolster the French security forces, totaling 18,000 soldiers.


Macron has expressed concerns over potential Russian interference, emphasizing the need for vigilance against misinformation campaigns aimed at undermining the event’s credibility.

Despite concerns about the Seine’s suitability for certain swimming events due to pollution levels, Macron remains undeterred, asserting his intention to partake in a pre-Games swim in the river.

Macron’s interview precedes the ceremonial lighting of the Olympic flame at Olympia, Greece, marking the commencement of its journey to Paris for the opening ceremony.

The relay symbolizes the spirit of unity and camaraderie underlying the Olympic Games, transcending geopolitical tensions and logistical challenges.

As the world eagerly anticipates the spectacle of the Paris Olympics, Macron’s assurances and contingency plans underscore France’s unwavering commitment to hosting a safe and memorable event, epitomizing the resilience and determination of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


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