Mystery writer Jaqueline Winspear expressed her gratitude over the fantastic response to her recent book, The White Lady, originally published on March 21, 2023. She shared her experience from her last tour while she was on the way to her final event on her US book tour at Vroman’s bookstore in Pasadena, California.

Jaqueline Winspear took to her social media handle and said
“For the past two weeks, I’ve been on and off aircraft, almost every day and in a different hotel almost every day – but all made worth it when meeting readers along the way. The response to THE WHITE LADY has been amazing, far more wonderful than I might have imagined – so thank you!”


She also shared one “tip” to add to her list of travel tips, which she shared in a recent post. For the most part, she was on a book tour and missed many meals – she was either on a flight, in a car or at an event and only briefly got a chance to sit down and eat. She said she ate many healthy airport oatmeals because it’s the most beneficial option for her as she is continuously travelling or in a busy schedule.

She shared that at a hotel a couple of nights ago, while returning from a bookstore event, she noticed that the bookstore sells individual ice cream servings in the little shop near reception.

She also shared one of the travelling tips of carrying sachets of fabric spot cleaner or using soda water for stains. She quoted, “Tip – do not tuck into Vanilla ice cream when your hands are shaking because you’re low on blood sugar until you have changed out of the one pair of black pants you have. Yes, that was me, your honour. Guilty as charged. But thank goodness for those little individual sachets of fabric spot cleaner. Failing that, soda water is a good remedy for stains if applied immediately.”


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