Netherlands: Non-Profit Organisation called Drawing to Health Foundation Volunteer for BothSocial, Edo Vreeman recently went to Spoleto, Italy, for three days and shared her experience.

During a three-day workshop, she attended several meetings, lectures and Q&A sessions for her research project on Digital Families.


While sharing her story with Drawing to Health Foundation, Volunteer Edo Vreeman shared that the Umbria Training Centre welcomed her and five other participants from Germany and Poland on Tuesday, the 29th of August.

She shared that they first went to DigiPass Spoleto, where they were introduced to a few municipality members with relevant expertise. Their job topics focussed on hosting migrants, improving digital literacy and finding work for migrants.

At Digipass, they also got a small tour around their workspace. It was a small but easily approachable office with laptops and a board for the teacher to present. During opening hours, anyone is welcome to come in and ask for help with anything related to their computer, phone or internet.

Further, she shared that one of the most popular requests in recent weeks is to help with the application for a SPID. The volunteers have also introduced themselves as participants in this project. A volunteer at DigiPass gave a presentation before their morning was finished.

The next day, Edo shared that they went to Foligno. They had a presentation by an agency that helps migrants find work, start a study and help them with other questions they have when first arriving in Italy. Many employees were available to tell them something about their job.

They also brought in their interpreter, a woman who once migrated to Italy and, with the help of this organisation, can now speak the language and have a job. Later, another woman came in to tell them about her experience as a migrant in Italy and her recent journey through the Italian system for applying for citizenship.


There were many opportunities to ask questions. They also continued to the city centre of Foligno to one of Caritas’ locations. They were shown around. They saw the kitchen, dining area, a particular supermarket and the storage room for clothing.

The last room we saw was the library. This was where we were told experiences from one of their employees who shared stories from people coming there in recent years. On the final day, the volunteers stayed in Spoleto at the office of Umbria Training Center. The Volunteers were giving a presentation/lesson about teaching.

Further, while sharing their experience at the Umbria Training Centre, many digital and didactic tools were introduced to them. The Volunteers got to try some of them ourselves, considering the various learning approaches we learned about this morning. After this lesson, they joined an online meeting for the Digital Families project, which many partners attended.

During this week, there was also room for more informal networking. During walks and lunch, they could discuss the various education systems in each country.

While remarking on her experience, she shared that she has learned a lot from this experience and met many interesting people.

The Drawing to Health Foundation also extended their gratitude and thanked their Volunteer, Edo Vreeman, for being a kind asset to their research team.

Reportedly, the Drawing to Health Foundation is the Netherlands-based Non-Profit Organistaion which aims to give young people the opportunity to develop their skills in  leadership, problems. It is Committed to the well-being of Young people. It also helps the people with Communication problems to provide the people help they need.


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