Mohamed Faraj, Economic Support Officer at Netherlands Embassy in Kenya

The Netherlands Embassy in Kenya has unveiled its economic support officer, Mohamed Faraj. At the Embassy, Mohamed is working with the T&I Team. He mainly focused on enhancing the economic relations of the Embassy in different sectors.

Netherlands: Nero Dog Training completes seven years of establishment

Amsterdams, The Netherlands: Dog Training Service Centre, named Nero Dog Training, is celebrating its seven years of Training today (Monday), October 17, 2023. They extended their gratitude and thankfulness to his company for choosing and trusting the Nero Dog Training.

Netherlands: Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences features Maike Nuyken

Netherlands: The Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands featured Maike Nuyken from Germany, who recently shared her story of choosing the Netherlands for her Academic and Professional journey.

Netherlands: Drawing to Health Foundation Volunteer Edo visits Italy

Netherlands: Non-Profit Organisation called Drawing to Health Foundation Volunteer for BothSocial, Edo Vreeman recently went to Spoleto, Italy, for three days and shared her experience.

Netherlands Embassy in Philippines presents awards to IHE Delft Institute graduates on Thursday

The Embassy of the Netherlands in the Philippines is delighted to announce the successful completion of the online IHE Delft Tailor Made Training Course on Integrated Water Resource Management. The Embassy also congratulated all the graduates for their commendable hard work and dedication.

Embassy of Netherlands celebrates NAIDOC on First week of July 2023

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands celebrated NAIDOC Week (National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee) to reflect on their past, present and future collaborations this July from Monday, July 3, 2023, to Sunday, July 9, 2023.

KNOW HERE: Unique Facts about Middachten Castle in Netherlands

Middachten Castle is located in the Dutch village De Steeg, in the Netherlands (municipality of Rheden) in Gelderland, near the river IJssel. The estate of Middachten surrounds it. It is a state-protected historic outdoor site with forty complex numbers. The castle was restored in 1967-1971. Middachten was included in 1991 by the Ministry of Welfare, Public Health and Culture (WVC) in the list of more than a hundred immovable monuments which need special protection in extraordinary circumstances.

Council of Europe expresses pleasure to Maastricht University students for winning HPMC Competition, shares update

Council of Europe: The Political Organisation of Europe, The Council of Europe felt pride and congratulated the students of Maastricht University, Netherlands winners of the Eleventh edition of the Helga Pederson Moot Court Competition on the European Convention on Human Rights for opposing the University of Athens in Greece and marking their tremendous victory.

Story behind Milkmaid, oil canvas painting by famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer

The Milkmaid, also called the kitchen maid, is an oil canvas painting of a milkmaid or kitchen maid by the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. It was painted between 1657 and 1658. The Milkmaid oil canvas painting is now in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is of the finest attractions of Amsterdam.

Netherlands: 1000 refugees accommodated on cruise ship due to lack of space in asylum

Some 1,000 refugees are currently accommodated on a cruise ship moored at the Westelijk Havengebied in Amsterdam because there are not enough reception places for asylum seekers in the Netherlands

Russia threatens to attack International Criminal Court (ICC) with hypersonic missiles

Russia has threatened to attack the International Criminal Court(ICC)in The Hague with hypersonic missiles after the court issued a warrant of arrest against President Vladimir Putin, Aljazeera reported this week

Belgium: PM De Croo implements new measures to fight Drug Mafia

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo emphasised that fight against the drug mafia is an absolute top priority. A total approach addresses the problem at the root

Royal Navy Marine Corps conduct mine safety and engineering training

Royal Navy Marine Corps, instructors of the Armed Forces of the Netherlands, conduct mine safety and engineering training in basic general military activity in the UK

Ukraine’s First lady meets Kaisa Ollongren, appreciates military aid provided to Ukraine

First lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, reported that The Netherlands is one of the top ten countries in terms of military assistance provided to Ukraine. At the same time, the Netherlands defined Ukraine as a focus country for its international cultural policy

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French PM Unveils Tough Measures Against Teen Violence Following Deadly Schoolboy Attack

Attal condemned what he termed as the "addiction of some of our adolescents to violence," highlighting statistics indicating a significant rise in assault cases, drug trafficking, and armed robberies among teenagers

Parisian Anti-Drone System Faces Scrutiny Ahead of Olympics: Security Concerns Rise

According to various French media outlets, including the satirical newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné and the weekly Marianne, Parade failed to meet expectations during a March exercise, exhibiting performance below anticipated levels

President Macron: Extensive Air Defense Network Like Israel’s Impossible for Ukraine

Macron's remarks came amidst Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's lamentation on April 15, where he voiced frustration over the disparity in support between his nation and Israel from Western allies despite both nations falling outside the purview of NATO membership

French Judicial Authorities Seize Property Belonging to Putin Associates

Among them is the "Villa Souzanna," situated in Anglet, nestled within the picturesque landscapes of the Basque Country. The villa gained notoriety when it became the canvas for anti-Putin sentiments following the onset of the Ukraine conflict in 2022

Mass Eviction from France’s Largest Squat Sparks Outcry Ahead of Paris Olympics

Situated in the southern suburb of Vitry-sur-Seine, the squat, housed in an abandoned bus company headquarters, had been a refuge for up to 450 individuals, many of whom were refugees, asylum seekers, or homeless