Council of Europe: The Political Organisation of Europe, The Council of Europe felt pride and congratulated the students of Maastricht University, Netherlands winners of the Eleventh edition of the Helga Pederson Moot Court Competition on the European Convention on Human Rights for opposing the University of Athens in Greece and marking their tremendous victory.

The Political Organisation of Europe aims to protect the Human rights of every citizen in Europe; called the Council of Europe, to celebrate the victory of the Maastricht University students in the Netherlands and express their pleasure to them posted an update on their social media handle recently and informing about the tremendous success of the Students at the eleventh edition of the Helga Pedersen Moot Court Competition on the European Convention on Human Rights at the final event, by opposing the students of University of Athens in Greece.


The Council of Europe shared that the prize for Best Orator of the Finals was awarded to James Sinatra from the University of Maastricht (Netherlands).

Further, The prize for Best Respondent Written Submission was given to the team of IE University (Spain).

Furthermore, The Best Applicant Written Submission prize was awarded to the Universität Passau (Germany).

As per the update, Eighteen university teams from ten countries, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Latvia, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom etc., have successfully competed in a fictive case related to issues such as recognition of paternity, same-sex couples, and surrogacy agreements. 

The winning team is awarded a traineeship at the Court. There were Fifty-seven teams from 21 countries have applied to be a part of this edition.

The European Law Students Association ELSA organises the competition with the support of the Council of Europe.




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