Netherlands: The Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands featured Maike Nuyken from Germany, who recently shared her story of choosing the Netherlands for her Academic and Professional journey.

The Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences is the leading international business school in the Netherlands located in Brinklaan 268, Apeldoorn.


German-based scholar Maike Nuyken shared her journey with the Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. Nuyken shared that she was primarily drawn to the Netherlands for her studies as it stands out as a modern, open nation with a wide variety of high-quality study programmes. 

“The country’s nature, architecture, culture and museums deeply appeal to me. In #Apeldoorn, what I appreciate most is the greenery and how close it is to the forest,” she added. 

Further, Nuyken also emphasised how she began her journey. She shared, “Initially, I started my academic journey in political sciences at UvA (University of Amsterdam), but soon realised it wasn’t the right fit. This led me to the IBA at WUAS, which offered a more hands-on, practical approach.”

She also shared her experience working with her family while studying at the University of Amsterdam. 

“My academic and professional journey intertwined when I worked at our family hotel in the Black Forest during and after my bachelor’s. 2018, I returned to pursue my MBA at WUAS, joining the institution’s HR department,” she noted

Nuyken stated that this role has been rewarding as she interacted with diverse cultures daily, pushing her to learn, grow and evolve. 


While concluding her journey, she said, “Outside of work, I’m drawn to long forest walks, museums and exploring the historical cities of the Netherlands. My family and pets remain my anchor.”

The Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences also shared that the people who are seeking to make the most of their time here:

  • Immerse yourself in Dutch culture.
  • Discover its varied cities and regions.
  • Seek avenues to impact your community positively. 

“And as we look to the future, despite the looming challenges, let’s not be deterred. It’s essential to heed our hearts, contribute positively to our surroundings and remember that every small gesture can make a significant difference,” they added.


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