Amsterdams, The Netherlands: Dog Training Service Centre, named Nero Dog Training, is celebrating its seven years of Training today (Monday), October 17, 2023. They extended their gratitude and thankfulness to his company for choosing and trusting the Nero Dog Training.

Nero Dog Training marked its seven years of establishment and said, “Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! The game of train continues to inspire me, and I am forever thankful for those who choose my company and trust in my process.”


The Nero Network: clients have only become a core pillar of the Nero experience, and the individuals that make up our community are genuinely excellent. The centre thanked them for taking the time to breathe life into our “train don’t complain” motto and help one another practice and progress.

Each year, Nero Dog Training aims to grow into a better trainer, and although, at times, change is uncomfortable, They are proud to remain faithful to their cause and continue this journey with an open mind.

One will never catch them bashing others in my industry or putting other methods down because they differ from my own. They focus on their lane.

This year, they seized the opportunity to collaborate with other trainers, work the dogs around horses in workshops, and introduce countless new Nero events that sold out in less than a day.

The Nero Dog Training began operating from a location based in Amsterdam at Manege De Ruif, where many folks travel from all over NL (and beyond) to train with them, as well as working virtually with clients all over the world (including England, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy and Germany.)

The Nero shadow programme was born at the start of 2023 – where aspiring dog trainers and enthusiasts can join them and gain practical experience on the job.


They extended their pleasure and added, “I LOVE my job and still have to pinch myself that I get to do this daily. Thank you for all of your support over these years, especially my Nero-nites and, of course, my amazing family (animals included), who hold me down despite the challenges of entrepreneurship. I love you beyond measure.”

At last, they also shared that this concept would not have been possible without their dear heart dog, Nero. “I will forever miss you, buddy. Thank you for being my muse for this incredible adventure. Your name continues to inspire me, and I will keep my promise,” they added.


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