While setting a new record in the Winter Olympics Games 2022 held in Beijing, a short track speed skater from the Netherlands, Suzanne Schulting, in women’s 1,000-meter event, has qualified for her semifinals round Friday, February 11, 2022.

Winter Olympics Games 2022 is going on Chinese capital, Beijing, and every player from different countries has been struggling to win the medals known as Olympics medals.


A 24-year-old short track speed skater has cleared the 1,000-meter distance in just 1 minute 26.514 seconds and set a world record in the Olympic Games 2022 held in Beijing.

As per the status of the world record in the Olympics Games 2022, Shim Suk-hee belongs to the South Korean team, have also set a world record on October 21, 2021, in just 1 minute and 26.661 seconds. The Olympics were held at Calgary situate in Canada.

As per the status of the winter Olympics 2022 held in Beijing, the team from Norway have topped the medal standing of the Olympics Games. So far, the team of the country have secured a total of 12 medals in the games. In the medals, there were five golds and three silver, and the remaining four were the brome medals in the Winter Olympics 2022 held in Beijing.

On the other hand, the host Chinese team have secured the second position in the Winter Olympics Games and in the overall medal standing. China has attained a total of nine medals which includes the five gold medal in the Olympic game, and the reaming three were silver medals in the Olympics Games 2022.

At the same time, Australia stood at the third position in the overall medal standings at the Winter Olympics Games 2022 held in Beijing as it has secured four medals each in gold, silver and bronze so far.