New Zealand has become the first-ever Country in the world to ban Smoking for upcoming generations completely. The New Zealand government have passed a new rule that raises the legal smoking age, with the ultimate aim of preventing youth under the age of 14 from being addicted to Smoking.

The amount of nicotine that is allowed in tobacco products will be significantly lowered, and they will only be sold in specialised stores rather than supermarkets and other places with a dense crowd. Health campaign funds are also rising in the Country, approved by Newzealand’s government.


Only 600 outlets will be allowed to sell cigarettes in the Country, a tenth of the existing number, which was 6000. As a result, New Zealand hopes to ban Smoking completely till 2025.

The health ministry of New Zealand made a statement in which they noted, “We have long tolerated the tobacco industry’s profit-making strategy of making its lethal product even more addicting. This is so odd and repulsive. Currently, sandwich regulations are stricter than cigarette regulations.

Since Smoking is allowed in so many establishments in Europe despite the law restricting it in enclosed public spaces, and because of the so-called “winter gardens,” it is essentially legal almost everywhere. No mention is made of limiting the amount of nicotine and other addictive ingredients in cigarettes. The European cigarette market is anticipated to reach $142.3 billion by 2027.


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