The vast leaks along the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines near a Danish island in the Baltic Sea were caused by “deliberate actions.” The following announcement has been by Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.
While addressing the crisis media conference organised by her government on Tuesday evening, Frederiksen said that, “It is now the clear assessment by authorities that these are deliberate actions. It was not an accident.”
Additionally to the depth of the waters, Copenhagen’s conclusion-based in specific on the fact that the holes through which the gas has been escaping are too big to be accidental- is that they were caused by detonations, Energy Minister Dan Jorgensen added.
The Danish authorities did not name any suspects. “There is no data yet to indicate who may be behind this action,” Frederiksen said.
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen also described the leaks, which were first reported on Monday, as an act of sabotage.
Von Der Leyen took it to Twitter, stating that, “I spoke about the Nord Stream sabotage act to Frederiksen. It is “paramount to now investigate the incidents” and to “get full clarity on the events and their causes.”
Von Der Leyen added that, “Any deliberate disruption of active European energy infrastructure is unacceptable and will lead to the strongest possible response.”
The Nord Stream gas pipelines linking Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea are non-operational due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, they are filled with gas.
The Danish authorities estimate that the leaks will last “at least a week” until the methane escaping from the underwater pipes runs out, according to Energy Minister Jorgensen.


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