Philippines: In line with the community service conducted by the Outfit 45-ECIS on October 20, 2023, at 4:00 PM, the ECIS-Supreme Secondary Learners joined the Tree Planting and Parenting Activity held within East Central Integrated School grounds.

This activity is in partnership with the Youth for Environment in School Organization (YES-O) and Boys Scout of the Philippines (BSP) Outfit 45-ECIS.


This Planting activity aimed to help the school combat the degrading effects of climate change, primarily since our institution is known to be flood-prone.

This activity also symbolizes the genuine movement of the youth to save the environment, which in turn means saving the world and future generations to come.

The ECIS-SSLG reminded everyone to join their hands for a common purpose under the vast, open sky. With shovels and hearts filled with hope, they dig deep into the Earth to plant the seeds of a better future.

They shared that each sapling they nurture represents a promise – a promise of cleaner air, a promise of shade and shelter, a promise of life. As we water these young trees, the ECIS-SSLG dampens the dreams of generations to come.

Their collective effort today is an investment in the planet’s health and the legacy we leave for our children. Amid nature’s beauty, the ECIS-SSLG found their genuine connection to the Earth. This tree-planting activity is not just about planting trees; it’s about growing hope, growth, and a sustainable future for all.

This activity will not be possible without the prime guidance of the School Principal, Dr Cristina C. Aquino, Institutional Scouting Representative and OIC/Assistant Principal, Madam Cindy A Gano, JHS SSLG Adviser, Marnick M. Nicolas and the two able coordinators of BSP, WBH Anacencio Aguilar for JHS and Mark Christopher Braganza for SHS.



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