Castries, Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire extended his heartfelt pleasure on receiving tremendous support for the Leve Bananes event. He thanked people on behalf of the organising committee and constituents for supporting the event.

Deputy Prime Minister Ernest marked the event as a fantastic experience that will continue growing. He also shared some ideas which have been shared for Leve Bananes.

Deputy Prime Minister Ernest took to his official social media handle to extend his pleasure and share some updates from the event. He also shared the suggestions related to activities he got from the event.

These include making it a weekend activity, adding a solo song competition, a Jennes Kweyol competition, a Dominoes competition, and making Sunday a family day with traditional games and dance.

He urged people to continue to share their suggestions. “Keep the suggestions coming,” he asserted.

Reportedly, Leve Bananes- Banana Comes Alive is an inaugural Jounen Kweyol festivities in Bananes. The event occurred on Sunday, October 22, 2023 at 5 am. There were many activities and entertainment, including beer drinking, greasy pig, woola laba, dominoes, biscuit eating and lots more.

Deputy PM Ernest sponsored the event. He announced the event through his official Facebook on Thursday, October 19, 2023.

The audience on his Official social media handle also extended their gratitude to Deputy Prime Minister Ernest and commented, “Keep up the amazing work”. At the same time, some also shared their repression of those who couldn’t attend it.

One marked the event and said, “It was indeed a very well attended event with great entertainment.” he also gave some following suggestions regarding the event, such as Lighting for the stage is required, The layout should be revisited, Should be a monthly event, Just my two cents.



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