The Better Business Processing Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines, identified as the Better BPO, took pride in recognising their team members’ efforts and contributions. They introduced another team member, Pearl, the BPO Migration and Education Coordinator.

Reportedly, the Better BPO is the Business Processing Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines. It comprises an inspiring team of industry mentors, IT professionals, and educators. It is designed to help employees and their communities in the Philippines.


The Better BPO, while recognising the efforts of Pearl, shared that, at the Better BPO, Pearl’s dedication to her role and responsibilities is evidence of her commitment. 

She connects with prospective clients interested in pursuing the student pathway for Australia, guiding them on their migration and education journey. 

Pearl supports student enrollment and ensures the refund process for our clients. Her efforts in conducting research identify qualified schools in Australia, opening doors for potential partnership opportunities. 

According to the Better BPO, Pearl always answers inquiries with a smile. It’s not just about the job – it’s about the passion and enthusiasm Pearl brings to work every day.

Pearl’s perspective on her role at The Better BPO is heartwarming: “I’m excited to go to work each day. I enjoy helping people achieve their migration and education goals, and I’m proud to be part of a team that makes an impact in this field.” 

The Better BPO, while marking her excellence, shared that Pearl’s excellence radiates within her and to her role, setting a standard of service. 


They also informed people whether they Liked Pearl and could join The Better BPO. People can click the link to access the application form:

Recently, the Better BPO has also highlighted their content and graphic designer Jam, who marvels at his work. 


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