The Philippine Embassy in Spain attended the Welcome Ceremony hosted by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) for this academic year´s batch of Auxiliares Language Assistants for English, French and German speakers to be assigned in Madrid.

As per the Update, more than 1,600 students were selected for the program coming from various countries.


Deputy Chief of Mission and Consul General Mark Francis C. Hamoy represented the Philippine Embassy on behalf of Ambassador Philippe J. Lhuillier.

Their speech briefly explained Philippine-Spanish bilateral relations, mentioning that “Filipinos, by history, are Spanish people´s brothers in Asia,” and tackled the history of language transition in the Philippines.

The Deputy Chief of Mission and Consul General Mark Francis C. Hamoy provided the group of around 50 Filipino students (not yet including those deployed outside Madrid) from various Philippine academic institutions information on how to maximize the fruitfulness of their stay in Spain and how to act as representatives of the Filipinos in general proficiently.

Other officials present in the meeting were Emilio Viciana Duro, Minister of Education, Science and Universities, and José Ignacio Martín Blasco, Deputy Minister of Educational Policy.

Aurora Egido, member of the Governing Board and RAE librarian. And Mr David Cervera Olivares, General Director of Bilingualism and Quality of Teaching.

The guests came from the diplomatic corps (US, Germany, France, Canada, India, UK, etc.), the British Council and the Fulbright Commission Spain.


Also, In the given photos, the Embassy shared- An official photo courtesy of the Real Academia Española or RAE
2 – DCM and Consul General Mark Francis Hamoy addressing the academic officials, diplomatic corps and student audience during the program
3 – DCM and Consul General Mark Francis Hamoy, together with some of the Filipino Auxiliares who attended the event




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