SSE Riga Future Leaders Academy- Jauno līderu akadēmija hosts educational Programme

The SSE Riga Future Leaders Academy- Jauno līderu akadēmija has been concluded on Sunday, October 29, 2023. The Embassy of Sweden in Riga extended their pride and support to the program. They also honoured the young participants and leaders in their fields of Interest.

Philippine Embassy attends Welcome Ceremony for Auxiliares Language Assistants

The Philippine Embassy in Spain attended the Welcome Ceremony hosted by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) for this academic year´s batch of Auxiliares Language Assistants for English, French and German speakers to be assigned in Madrid.

Glimpses from Belgium Embassy USA and Belgian Mondays DC get-together

The delegates from the Embassy of Belgium in the United States of America visited a Non-Profit Organisation called "Belgian Mondays DC" on Tuesday Night, September 26, 2023.

READ HERE: 7 reasons why Ukraine should be invited to NATO Summit

The Ukrainian Association of Washington State, The Regional Non-Profitable Organisation, which represents Ukraine's social and Cultural beliefs and promotes a peaceful relationship between America and Ukraine, expressed the urgency to invite Ukraine to NATO and shared some specific regions why Ukraine should Receive its Invitation at NATO Summit.

America for Bulgaria Foundation hosts an event to honour Fulbright Program team in Bulgaria

America for Bulgaria Foundation hosted an event honouring the Fulbright Program team in Bulgaria Fulbright Bulgaria and their over 30-year contribution to educational and cultural exchange between Bulgaria and the United States.

Embassy of Netherlands in Philippines expresses pleasure over success of two-day Euro Village event

The Embassy of the Netherlands in the Philippines expressed their pleasure and gratitude over the success of the recent two-day Euro Village event in the Philippines and also shared some glimpses from the Event.

KNOW HERE: Amazing Facts about Gearrennin Blackhouse Town in Scotland

The Gearrennin Blackhouse town in Outer Hebrides, Scotland, is a village Huddled on the top of a hill overlooking the fierce Atlantic and is a quaint cluster of stone cottages. The Gearrennnin Blackhouse town is a once-abandoned village that preserves a piece of the Outer Hebrides’ past and is a picturesque place for travellers to enjoy a day. The Gearrennnin Village, which is also known as the cluster of houses, was built in the late 1800s.

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PM Terrance Drew announces improvisations to make at JNF Hospitals

On November 29, 2023, the Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis Terrance Drew made an announcement through social media regarding the changes to be made for the improvisations of Joseph N. France (JNF) General Hospital.

Late controversial penalty denies Newcastle shock victory at Parc des Princes

The turning point came in the match's dying moments when referee Szymon Marciniak, following a VAR review, awarded a penalty for handball against Tino Livramento

French Interior Minister Proposes Ban on ultra-right Groups Amidst Rising Tensions Following Schoolboy’s murder

The incident occurred during a village dance on November 18, resulting in the fatal stabbing of Thomas and the subsequent eruption of tensions that have been seized upon by extreme-right activists

PM Drew graces presence on launch of Kidney Transplant Program

St Kitts and Nevis: The Prime Minister Terrance Drew marked his presence on the launch of Kidney (renal) Transplant Program which took place at Joseph N. France General Hospital. The objective of launching this initiative is to provide treatment to...

Tragic stabbing incident sparks far-right response in southeastern France

The town of Romans-sur-Isere witnessed over 6,000 people marching in memory of the young victim, and tensions escalated when around 40 ultra-right activists gathered in the town center on Sunday