The Ukrainian Association of Washington State, The Regional Non-Profitable Organisation, which represents Ukraine’s social and Cultural beliefs and promotes a peaceful relationship between America and Ukraine, expressed the urgency to invite Ukraine to NATO and shared some specific regions why Ukraine should Receive its Invitation at NATO Summit.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO, also called North Atlantic Alliance, It is an intergovernmental Military Alliance signed between 31 countries, 29 European and 2 North American. NATO aims to secure Peace and stability between its members States and supports effective cooperation among the countries

7 Reasons Why Ukraine Should Receive NATO Invitation at Vilnius NATO Summit are as follows:

  1. It’s cheaper to stop Russia in Ukraine than in Western Europe, and Ukraine’s eventual NATO membership is the only ironclad way to stop Russia in Ukraine.
  2. Ukraine has proven its rightful place in NATO and is making great strides toward interoperability.
  3. It’s a democratic country making concrete efforts to curb corruption and conduct oversight with a world-class military. Inviting to join would ensure the final steps for Ukraine meeting or exceeding NATO standards.
  4. NATO will be more assertive with Ukraine as a member—Ukraine has Europe’s most experienced modern army.
  5. It has already shown it can be interoperable with NATO equipment, and NATO has much to learn from Ukraine’s 16 months of combat experience.
  6. The best deterrent to future wars. Don’t repeat past mistakes—keeping Ukraine and Georgia out of NATO in 2008 allowed Russia to invade both. NATO membership is the best guarantee against future wars.
  7. Don’t be late to the game! The consensus among NATO Allies is already building for Ukraine to join. France, the UK, the Baltic, and Poland favour Ukrainian membership. Just like with weapons systems, consensus will only continue to build for membership for Ukraine.
  8. NATO membership is the best way to bring stability to Ukraine and Europe. Ukraine needs weapons to win the war now, but the Alliance is what can bring lasting Peace after Ukraine wins.
  9. No more Bucharest. NATO already committed that Ukraine could join—now is the time to tell Ukraine when it can join. No one expects instant membership, but if Vilnius brings no specifics on when accession can happen, it will be Bucharest 2.0 and embolden the Russians.



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