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MIAMI-Pat Riley has identified the Miami Heat top priority: do nothing. After a year without stopping, this is your request. There will be enough time to decide on the roster, off-season training, prepare the combine harvester, and draft. Although Miami currently does not have a draft pick that puts summer league teams and free agents together, Riley now hopes that almost everyone in the organization will take a break after a 12-month finals whirlwind. Season, an outing that swept another season in the first round, has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic that has changed almost everything.

Patrick James Riley (born March 20, 1945) has been the president of the Miami Heat team since 1995 and also served as head coach of the team from 1995 to 2003 and again from 2005 to 2008. Considered as one of the best NBA coaches of all time, Riley has won five NBA championships as a chief coach, including the four with the Los Angeles Lakers during his Showtime in the 1980s and one with the heat in 2006.

“We have been for a while, so the first thing we have to go is halftime,” Heat president Riley said in his annual team status speech on Thursday. Traditionally, this is done shortly after the end of the season. “Our players, our staff, the people who are here every day, they are more exhausted mentally than physically. I think they only need to rest for a few weeks, one month.”

This is an important story for the NBA this season. The compressed timetable and the additional requirements of the protocol made to deal with the virus, including daily tests often late at night or early in the morning, how to limit the amount of time the team can spend together and restrict them Who can be with-this will bother the players and the team.

“We are not completely crazy,” Heat coach Eric Spoelstra said after the series against Milwaukee. “We will give them a little rest. This is how this season is. It is very difficult for everyone in this association. I don’t know how many months it is. I didn’t realize it was Memorial Day weekend, and when I mentioned this, there were a few players and staff with me. Just like this for the New Year. ”

The heat reopened the doors of its facilities in May 2020 when the NBA allowed resuming limited workouts. The place did not diminish the speed until Miami was eliminated from the playoffs this year by Milwaukee in a first-round sweep that finished the last weekend. Last spring’s workouts led to the race at the NBA restart bubble at Walt Disney World, which led to an emergence of the NBA final, immediately followed by the free agency and the PROP project, followed by Training before Camp the Camp and then the station.

There is a lot of discussion about the 71-day interval between the end of the finals and the beginning of the season, and it is much shorter than usual, but the reality is that few people have been idle during these 71 days. Now, Riley said, there was a chance to catch his breath. Riley said. But, in everything in life, As I said, no matter what happens to you, it is your way of coping and adapting. Everyone must adapt.

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Players of Club Miami Heat Needs Rest After an Exhausting Season