St Kitts and Nevis: The Prime Minister Terrance Drew marked his presence on the launch of Kidney (renal) Transplant Program which took place at Joseph N. France General Hospital.

The objective of launching this initiative is to provide treatment to the patients suffering from Hemodialysis. Also, this aims at the transformation of the general lives of individuals by promoting better health.


This kind of initiative has taken place for the very first time in the country by the government and is committed towards the wellbeing of the people residing in the region.

Moreover, the initiative has been introduced in collaboration with the renowned doctor and Professor, Nadey Hakim. He is professor at Imperial College, London, transplant and bariatric surgeon at Cleveland Clinic, London.

The collaboration with such an excellent and intelligent doctor is bound to provide all the possible benefits to the citizens of the country, St Kitts and Nevis.

Significantly, the excellence of this person has also been marked by 200 papers and the textbooks which ensures the benefits that can be availed by this collaboration.

It can be projected that a well known doctor and professor would bring extreme knowledge to the country which would provide advantageous solutions for the better and advanced health of the native individuals of the island.

Further, this will also generate the sense of safety and security among the citizens about getting the quality treatment when required.


Probing ahead, the Prime Minister shared the glimpses from the launch of the Kidney Transplant Program on social media.

And, the citizens of the country extended appreciation for the government and the Prime Minister for putting forth such an initiative.

Not only this, some even reacted to the shared glimpses and one very interestingly quotes the term for this initiative as “Health Tourism.”


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