Castries, Saint Lucia: Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Philip J Pierre has always been at the forefront towards providing all its citizens with the best medical amenities. Recently, the leader of the nation attended the grand opening ceremony of La Clinique du Corp Ltd Centre of Excellence Medical Diagnostic Centre in Rodney Bay.

During the ceremony, PM Pierre greeted all the citizens and expressed gratitude to the entrepreneurs for showcasing their faith and belief in Saint Lucia’s economy and helping them establish this state-of-the-art medical facility.


Moreover, PM Pierre extended support to the new medical centre and emphasised on its advantages. He noted that the establishment of Medical Diagnostic Centre will play a significant role in advancing healthcare services, job creation and promoting economic growth.

PM Pierre and his administration have always played a huge role in elevating their nation to greater heights. For the same, government has introduced several plans and policies in order to provide the citizens with best medical facilities and amenities, ensuring their enhanced standard of living.

Along with that, the administration led by PM Pierre has always been a supporting hand to entrepreneurial ventures. They have always extended their support to Micro, Small and Medium enterprises by providing them grants and loans through the MSME Loan Grant facility. His administration has always focused on fostering the growth and development of small businesses.

Also, PM Pierre aims to foster youth-driven economic initiatives with the motive to empower young entrepreneurs to turn their aspirations, hobbies and talents into business ventures through the Youth Economic Agency.

Notably, the administration has also implemented VAT exemptions on medical equipment in order to provide access to best medical facilities to everyone. PM Pierre has shared his vision of expanding and improving medical services, ensuring the well-being of all the citizens of nation.

PM Pierre asserted that the opening of the Medical Diagnostic Centre is a valuable enhancement to the healthcare sector and the economy of the island nation.



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