Castries, Saint Lucia: Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Philip J Pierre expressed delight on being a part of opening ceremony of Bideau Park Vending Hut Facility in Castries. In the event, the leader of the nation promised to make stringent measures to improve the economic welfare of vendors and enhance their quality of life.

During the event, PM Pierre stated that with this facility, the vendors will now have an opportunity to utilize the upgraded spaces to earn a living and contribute to the economic conditions of the nation.


The leader shared few glimpses of the ceremony on his official Facebook account and stated “I was pleased to be a part of the opening of Bideau Park Vending Hut Facility in Castries which compromises of twenty-two booths.”

PM Pierre stated that his administration is embarking on a plan to revive the city and encourage urban renewal. For the same, they will continue their engagement with vendors, business and property owners in the city in order to provide them with special incentives to renovate and refurbish their properties.

Moreover, during the ceremony, PM Pierre asserted that it was disturbing him to see people trying to earn a living in the conditions under which they were earning that living. He further noted that his administration does not have any issue when people are trying to earn a living but he added that they must earn a living in surroundings that are dignified and fit for them.

PM Pierre further remarked that the Government of Saint Lucia is committed to improving the lives of the people of the island nation. He added that this is their philosophical position and it is the position of every man and woman in the cabinet of the Government of the country. It means taking actions that will foster the quality of life.

The leader of the nation has promised to continue making efforts and remaining focused on ensuring an enhanced standard of living for all citizens.

“Let us remain focused as we seek to better the lives of all Saint Lucians,” noted PM Philip Pierre.



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