St Kitts and Nevis: The Prime Minister Terrance Drew shared the extended pleasure through a social media post to be invited to join at the High-level Climate Action Summit Session.

The session was attended by the Prime Minister with the Vice President Kamala Harris and other world leaders as a part to address the issue of climate change.


Moreover, he added that it is a moment of pride to represent own country St Kitts and Nevis. At the session, he discussed his approach for the solutions in connection with the climatic conditions happening around.

Further, the PM acknowledged that St Kitts and Nevis is at the frontline of the climatic change and casted light on the country’s commitment towards the solutions that can combat the challenges of climate change.

Significantly, Prime Minister Terrance Drew even shared a very recent achievement. This is the mark of fulfilling the commitment towards the sustainability of the region.

This agreement is regarding signing of an agreement for the development of the larger solar energy battery in the Caribbean. Importantly, the country is rapidly showcasing the dedication towards sustainability and the renewable energy initiatives.

On the shared post by the Prime Minister, people shared their gratitude towards the Prime Minister.

“ I am so happy to see the PM on the big stage fighting for the federation and making the citizens proud. Keep up the work,” mentioned one of the citizens.


“ Dr. Drew Excellent job. You are a great PM. Keep pushing for the good of your people,” commented another.

Such words by the people show the love and respect which the residents hold for their Prime Minister.

One even thanked the Prime Minister for the achievements the country is gaining under his pride.

“This is very good. Thank You for making us proud,” mentioned in this concern.


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