The Non-profitable organization in Latvia, which is only Latvia’s Women’s Rights Advocacy Institution, Marta, in the Branch of Liepaja, recently organised Youth training for future and existing volunteers called “Courage to Act” and shared some glimpses from the event.

Reportedly, Marta is the Non Profitable organisation in Latvia which aims to serve the Youth and women, especially those victimised by violence, human trafficking, etc.


The Marta provides legal, Social and Psychological Services to Youngsters, women and children. The Marta Centre also develops and implements robust programmes for Youth to curb violence among young people and ensure training for educators.

This time, to spread awareness among the Latvian Youth, the Marta, Liepaja Centre organised the Youth training for future and existing volunteers, “Courage to act!”. The Participants will arrive next weekend to participate in the youth festival content creation and then – in the festival itself.”

The organisation also shared some glimpses from the event on its official social media handle.

This event aims to provide women, men, girls and boys with an opportunity to live equally in the world, free and safe.

Look further to know more details about the event:

  1. The lessons took place in Riga, Rezekne and Liepaja, allowing young people from all over Latvia to get involved.
  2. By working creatively, young people get to know themselves and others and the world where we encounter a lot of stereotypes, discrimination and violence every day.
  3. The learning agenda included recognition of different forms of violence, as well as community responsibility in creating, promoting and eradicating stereotypes and discrimination, as well as in-depth acquaintance with the work and services of Centra MARTA.
  4. Employees of MARTA Liepāj also participated in all three training cycles, spending interesting and mutually enriching time together.
  5. The project is financially supported by United States Embassy – Riga, Latvia.




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