Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire visited seven offices before the Jouné Kwéyòl festival for Breakfast and Lunch on Friday, October 27, 2023. He first visited the Citizenship by Investment Unit of Saint Lucia.

Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire extended his pleasure to attend the Lunch and Dinner. He also shared glimpses of his visit to the various offices through his official Facebook handle.

He emphasised the tradition of hosting these events and other delightful festivities in Saint Lucia before Jounen Kweyol. 

On his official Facebook Caption, he wrote, “The hosting of kweyol breakfast and Lunch and other Festivities on Friday before Jounen Kweyol is becoming a feature of our celebration of Creole Heritage Month (Mwa Ewitaj Kwéyòl).” 

Further, while sharing about his visit, Deputy Prime Minister Ernest also shared about the decor which has been done for the festival.

 “Today, I have confirmed to visit 7 offices to share in our kweyol delights. I started with the Citizenship by Investment Unit. Their decor was first-class! Hats off to the staff!” he added.

Reportedly, after his first visit to the Citizenship by Investment Unit, Deputy PM Ernest next visited the Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Culture and Creative Industries and Information. 

Then, He also visited the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority. SLTA and its dedicated staff participated in a memorable day of Kwéyòl (Creole) festivities alongside sister agencies, colleagues, and the visiting diaspora.

The event was made more special by having the opportunity for Visiting Saint Lucians to sign up for the Lucian Links Program, strengthening connections and preserving the rich cultural heritage of the island.

As the day unfolded on Vendredi Kwéyòl (Creole Friday) SLTA staff immersed themselves in the festivities, embracing the vibrant traditions that make Saint Lucia a standout destination. Traditional clothing created an atmosphere of pure joy and camaraderie.



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