Saint Lucia: Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire, who is also the Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information in Saint Lucia, extended a motivational quote, “Make Every Moment of Every Day Memorable.”

Deputy Prime Minister Ernest Hilaire took to his social media on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, and shared a motivational quote with a profound meaning behind it: “Make Every Moment of Every Day Memorable.” along with this Motivational and Inspirational quote he also shared a deep caption quoted “We only live in this moment. Have a blessed Wednesday” with a Hashtag as Earnest Cares.


Deputy Prime Minister shares these Provocative and Interesting quotes on his Social media every day to keep Saint Lucians motivated and to use these motivations in their everyday life.

The Quote Shared by Deputy Prime Minister has a profound meaning behind it which says to live every moment to the fullest as you do not know what tomorrow holds; according to Deputy Prime Minister Hilaire, living in each moment is the best way to lead a happy and successful life. The moment you passed today will not arrive tomorrow; we have only one life, so it depends on us to live it or pass it.

Furthermore to it is, making Every moment of everyday memorable is a way to release our stress and tensions in the world and live a happy and carefree life; this quote itself teaches to not only to live fully in your special moments but to make every moment special and memorable from your everyday life.

With this deep and meaningful quote, Deputy Prime Minister Ernest also shared a beautiful caption; he quoted, We only live in this moment, which means that we only have this one life and this one moment which will never be back again, once you waste it or passed it, with this beautiful line he further wished a blessed Wednesday to everyone.


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