US-based Paige Comstock from Moberly, Missouri, shared her experience from her recent trip to Belgium, the place that invented waffles.

US-based Paige Comstock took to her social media recently and shared the experience of her recent trip to Belgium, Brussels, the place that first invented waffles; she also shared some glimpses from her trip, showing the authenticity of the country including its cultures and diversities, found the place exciting and beautiful.


She shared that Belgium is a place having stone streets and beautiful details in every single structure and has more construction and roadblocks than she has ever seen in her life. Also, she shared many exciting and surprising things about the People of Belgium; she shared that she herself witnessed a woman who got robbed but used her woman power to overcome the situation.

She further shared that Belgium is a place that had a dog in the restaurant window and said that it could be Winston Mahome’s twin. She also gave a Bible to the Waffle Girl in Belgium and shared about the big smile she had on her face the moment she gave her the book and asked her, “For me?”  

Reportedly, Belgium called the Kingdom of Belgium, is located in Northeastern Europe, having its borders with the Netherlands in the North, Germany in the east, Luxembourg in the southeast, and France in the southwest; Belgium is a sovereign state having its borders with a federal constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system. Also, the Belgium state has divided itself into three parts as- The Flemish Region, Walloon Region and Brussels capital Region having 60% of its population in the Flemish region and the other 40% in the French part. In contrast, the Brussels- Capital Region is Bilingual in French and Dutch.